Square Tower to display 36” wide posters (4x3)


Display your message all around, with a modular Self Standing Square Tower.

Freely adjust the height of your superposed posters, individually on each sides.

Each side holds three 36” wide posters one on top of the other, such as three superposed 36x36” posters; or any other poster height combination totalling 108”.

Modular "T-Clips" allow you to position the middle cross bars at the desired height to accommodate the selected print height combination, individually for each side.

Each sides are connected together with Plastic Display Connectors, allowing for connection between panels in any direction.

Use your Square Tower as a Zig Zag Display, a “U-Shape” Display or any other shape desired.

Change posters in seconds, as many times as you like.

Compatible with any media up to a maximum thickness of 20 mil (0.02").

Eco friendly product, using 100% recycled materials.

Ships unassembled in a lightweight and compact cardboard box.

Easily assembles without any tools. Simple instructions provided.

Contact us for any sizes not listed.

Square Tower to display 36” wide posters (4x3)

USD768.00 tax excl.

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Free Standing Square Tower to hold twelve 36” wide posters, each side holding 3 posters.

Fully adjustable poster heights.

Accessories & Options

To upload your files, set the switch to "YES" next to the printing accessory of your choice

Printing of twelve 36x36” Posters

Printing of twelve 36x36” Posters


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Quality print on non-curling, tear resistant media.

Color options

Other colors available at extra cost

Data sheet

  • Display's height 120.5"
  • Display's weight 7 Lb
  • Display's width 42"
  • Display's depth 42"
  • Box width 4"
  • Box height 44"
  • Box length 4"
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  2. Square Tower to display 36” wide posters (4x3)