To launch its new visual identity, the advertising agency Groupe SDA.3 wanted to recreate the look and atmosphere of a Museum of Communication. The goal was to illustrate the importance and impact of a good corporate identity throughout history, showing the evolution of major commercial brands with visual presentations.

Self Standing Image walls and Floor Stands of various sizes were used. Poster Printing was also ordered. Connecting the displays together in a unique way, Groupe SDA.3 created distinctive booths, each representing one of the various brands or themes.

The versatility of the products allowed our client to create a unique space, letting visitors discover the engaging display with great interest.

As a long established agency and print broker, our client was also astonished at the quality of the prints they received. They mentioned we had matched the pantones in their promotional material better than any one had been able to do until then !

Residential Decoration

Wall display in residential building

In search of decorative picture frames, the administration of a residential building has found many options on this site. Several Hanging Frames and Wall Displays were ordered, as well as Poster Printing.

With great creativity, the client was able to create a "mosaic" by superimposing a single image, spread over several Hanging Frames, and overlapping one another.

Thus, for a very minimal cost, the administration was able to upgrade its lobby and other common areas, creating a pleasant atmosphere for its residents.

This testimony was sent to us: "We were looking for picture frames, but found much more than that on your website. Your product is elegant, versatile, and affordable ... Furthermore we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the printing. Congratulations!"

Signage for golf tournament

signage for golf tournament

Event organizers came to us to elaborate their signage for a golf tournament. The sponsor's 18 logos would have to be presented all along the splendide course , on panels anchored in the ground.

We proposed color matching structures, assorted with the logos. Rather than using poster material, we used rigid panels, in consideration of wind and weather conditions. Adapting the panels to the displays was achieved by replacing our clips and springs system with "T-Clips", thus allowing the structure to firmly hold the panels in place. Each panel was then inserted in a pair of guiding tubes, previously inserted in the ground.

We are proud to be associated with this yearly tournament, held each summer for the past 4 years. Our client was satisfied and sent us positive feedback: "Thank you very much for all the hard work, we have gotten numerous compliments about the signage…. See you again next year!"

Image Wall in Cocktail Bar

Image wall display menu board in restaurant

Pleased with the success of their original restaurant, the creators of a unique fruit cocktail bar called on us again, to create a new menu board in their newly opened location.

Our client loved the menu board concept we had built in 2009, and asked us this time to focus more on easy maintenance and servicing.

The image wall is 33' wide x 6.5' tall, with a concave and a convex curve. The display is separated in six independent panels and uses a custom support system, for easy removal of panels in times of maintenance, cleaning or poster changes.

We are glad to be contributing, yet again, to the popularity of this great concept, and wish our client success and expansion !

Floor Stands in Car Dealers 

Floor Stand in Car Dealer showroom

A group of Chevrolet Cadillac auto dealers upgraded their car showrooms with lightweight floor stands for greeting customers. The stands can easily be moved around, and display double-sided posters. At less than 1 Lb in weight, they also prevent any risk of hurting visitors or damaging automobiles. Frequently rotating promotions is easy and cost effective for them, as they are not required to print on foam core panels, carton boards or other thick materials that can not be shipped rolled. Whenever new promotions come in, any staff member can change posters in a breeze!

Displays in Coffee Shops

Floor Stands in a coffee shop

For a consistent look across their 200+ stores, this coffee shop chain used our family of Hanging Displays, Window Displays and Floor Stands (left and right on the photo). 

An 18x24" poster size was consistently used across the various display applications, in a two-sided configuration.

Today, the displays are still in use, after years of service and numerous poster changes.

Window Frames in stores 

Window frame in retail stores

This was a project to equip 450 stores with double sided display frames, allowing for frequent poster changes. Efficient logistics was a key requirement for dispatching the displays to every store in a compact and economic way. 

Frames were easily installed by store staff and displayed in windows. 4 suction cups installed in the corners efficiently support these ultra lightweight poster frames. 

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