Adjustable Ceiling Hooks (pair)


Easily suspend your displays on any ceilings or walls, using our easy to adjust adhesive ceiling kits with precise height adjustment hooks (come in sets of two).

Simply peel the adhesive backer from the square plastic plate and place it on a clean ceiling or wall surface.

Hold it tight for 10 to 15 seconds.

Grossly adjust the height of the hook by pulling the small cylinder and sliding the hook up or down on the nylon string.

Once adjusted, push the cylinder to lock the height.

Repeat with a second ceiling kit.

Place the display on both hooks and adjust the tilt one more time (either visually or with the help of a level).

The hook can be placed in the plastic corner’s holes of the display, or anywhere below its top tube.

Adjustable Ceiling Hooks (pair)


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Easily suspend your displays on any ceilings or walls with this ingenious set of two adjustable ceiling hooks.
Contains two adhesive tabs, two nylon strings (6.5’) and two height adjustable plastic hooks.

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