48x48” Polyester film for Safety Shield Screen


Use Crystal Clear Polyester film along with your AFIX Displays to create protective Covid-19 countertop barriers or office partitions.

The 7 Mill (175 Micron) thickness, combined with the display’s tension, offers a substantial strength and rigidity, and makes for a high quality, elegant and durable sneeze shield that is compact, and easy to ship or dispatch. 

48 x 48" protective shields advantageously replaces heavy acrylic cashier safety shields.

It ships in a more economic way, inside a light & compact poster tube.

Also available in various sizes, clear or frosted, printed or unprinted. Contact us for custom sized protective shields.

48x48” Polyester film for Safety Shield Screen


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48x48" transparent polyester film offers a perfect safety barrier while being optically clear.

Polyester (PET) is tear-resistant, washable, and 100% recyclable, just like any water bottle.

The 7 Mill high density thickness guarantees your panel to be long lasting.

Use with your choice of AFIX displays, according to size.

Unprinted (printed polyester also available).

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