Parasuco: windows makeover

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AUGUST 2013 – Parasuco, the upscale fashion store group, chose the 48” x 72” Hanging Poster Frames, to enhance their window fronts. Additionally, sizable 140” x 100” reinforced structures were custom built, for their largest flagship stores.


In line with the intense and elegant style of the brand, the displays look aerial and light, giving more impact to the already larger-than-life prints.

What’s more, fabric dye sublimation contributed to a warmer, more intense feel; in perfect harmony with a clothing store.

IMG_7135_photoshopped_960x640The product was a great success for the stores, and for the marketing team. In fact, in the following month, the company decided to rethink the visual decoration of their head office, and installed various large format frames in all spaces of their head office and company store.

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2 thoughts on “Parasuco: windows makeover

  1. dave

    Need more details on how I can hang 4 foot wide posters from the open ceiling of an industrial steel trust building.
    Can not see detail on how Pasasuco hung their stuff. Not sure what difference is with large format clips?
    Do you regular clips not hold heavier weight ok?


    1. Yann

      Hi Dave,

      You may use the adjustable ceiling hooks kit at this link:

      Those come in pairs, with strong nylon cords, freely adjustable hooks to hold the poster frame, and two types of plates:
      1. An adhesive plate, to permanently adhere to most ceiling (or wall) surfaces
      2. A clip that snaps onto hanging ceiling rails
      The ceiling hooks kit will also work if you have tubes, pipes or beams on the open ceiling. The nylon cord can loop around pipes, and both ends of it can be secured with the adjustable hook.

      Finally, the kits come with nylon cords that are 6.5′ length. Longer lengths are available upon request, at no additional charge.
      The excess length can simply be cutoff after final installation.

      Feel free to post back here if you’d need further clarifications, or contact us at your convenience.

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